Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why Longaberger

Why Longaberger you might ask.. Longaberger is a homegrown American company. I believe in American and the American dream. Longaberger is an example of that ability in America to take an idea and build it into something good and wholesome.

Some 30 years after Dave Longaberger founded The Longaberger Company with five basketmakers, the company reflects our early roots and family tradition of handmade artisanship. When you purchase a Longaberger basket, you are sharing in the Longaberger story and family tradition.

Today, The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted baskets and offers other home and lifestyle products, including pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories and specialty foods. The company is based in Newark, Ohio, and there are approximately 45,000 independent Home Consultants located in all U.S. states who sell Longaberger products directly to customers.

I have been collecting and selling Longaberger baskets for over 10 yrs. They are hand made in the USA from renewable wood resources. You can visit the Longaberger company in Dresden, Ohio and take a tour through their basket weaving facility and see how the baskets are made. I will bring you the monthly specials, plus ideas of how to use your Longaberger baskets and pottery (yes , they make wonderful vitrified pottery also), and some really good recipes!! Hope to see you around! Check back often for recipes and tips.

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